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Creating ads for your vendors
Creating ads for your vendors
Written by Regina Ye
Updated over a week ago

With the admin dashboard, in addition to giving your vendors self-service access you can also handle campaign creation and management for your vendors and brands. The flow for creating sponsored listings campaigns and banner campaigns for the vendors slightly differs.

This article outlines how to create:

  1. Sponsored Listings

  2. Banner Ads

Creating a Sponsored Listing ad

To create sponsored listings campaigns for your vendors, you need to visit the vendor dashboard and pick the vendor you'd like to make the campgain for.

Use the "Create Campaign" button on the vendor dashboard and select Sponsored Listings from the dropdown.

Pick the products, set the bids (or let autobidding do the heavy work), and select the budget and duration to launch the campaign.

Creating Banner Campaigns

Banner Campaigns can be created on Vendor Dashboard in the same way as the sponsored listings.

Additionally, you can create banner campaigns for your vendors and brands directly on the admin dashboard. Select Banner Ads under the Ad Formats in the side menu. On the Banner Overview tab, you'll have 2 ways to create banner campaigns.

  1. Use the "Create a banner" button on the overview tab

  2. Use the ellipsis icon on the banner configurations table and click "Create a banner"

See both flows in the video below

Monitoring Campaign Performance

Topsort has various analytics tools to help you and your vendors get a better sense of your campaign performance.

You can view vendor-level performance on the admin dashboard and visit the vendor dashboard for a more detailed view.

We also have Analytics Tab that gives you vendor and campaign insights for any time frame you pick. Search for any campaign and view the high-level performance on key metrics in the table view. Click the campaign name to visit the detailed campaign page on the vendor dashboard for a deeper dive.

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