Sponsored listings are the ad format that generates billions of dollars of revenue for big tech. With Topsort, the indeed got better.

Before we explain why they are different and better with Topsort, let's understand how they work first.

When a user searches for a term or visits a category page, sponsored products are shown among the organic listings.

Here are why they are different with Topsort:

  1. They are cookieless

    Topsort's advertising solutions do not require any 3rd party cookies to deliver exceptional results. With Topsort's sponsored listings, you do not invade user privacy while showing them ads that increase their search experience.

  2. They are relevant

    We build a relevance algorithm on top of a platform's native relevance logic to improve the quality of the ads. Sponsored listings that are relevant and high-quality get awarded.

  3. They are high-ROAS

    Topsort sponsored listings generate high ROAS thanks to our state-of-the-art ML algorithms, relevance, and precise targeting options.

  4. They are self-service

    With a true empathy for small-vendor, we built Topsort in a way that one can run high ROAS campaigns without being an ad expert. Using our self-service vendor dashboard, even a first-timer can run effective sponsored listings campaigns.

  5. They are boosted by automation

    Our autobidding algorithm dynamically adjusts bids of the products in your sponsored listings campaigns to save you time and money. With auto-pacing you spend the ad budget when it matters the most, for the best performance.

  6. They have real-time reporting

    The performance metrics of your sponsored listings campaigns show up on your dashboard in real time. With zero delays in reporting, you can see the performance of your campaigns as each impression, click, and purchase happens.

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