Similar to many aspects of Topsort, you can customize the relevance too to create an solution that truly fits your business.

We can use your platform’s relevance, use ours, or build relevance on top of yours as a hybrid solution.

The search results your platform returns are the product of your relevance. We take this information and create the relevance for the auctions.

If one of the products in the auction shows up organically on top of the search results, we give it a higher relevance compared to a product that would show up organically on the second page. A product that’s not relevant according to your platform’s logic, can not win the auction and show up as sponsored listings. In other words, a “Bluetooth speaker” won’t appear among the sponsored listings when a user searches for “gaming laptops” no matter how high they bid.

We can also build relevance on top of yours, which is what we recommend for increased relevance. You can also feed user cohorts like zip codes, cities, and new vs returning users into our API for increased relevance.

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