Banner ads are great for driving brand awareness with exclusive banner placements across high-traffic category pages. Typically eye-catching, bright, and welcoming to the customer, banner ads generate click-throughs for brands and vendors.

Many platforms use this premium ad format poorly. Bad relevance that servers irrelevant banner ads, a manual approval process that limits the scalability, poorly designed banners that deliver a bad visual experience, and the cookies that track us for weeks are among the main issues with banner ads we have today.

We have redefined the banner ads by solving these issues and offering a fully-configurable ad experience for marketplaces.

Marketplaces can customize their auction-based banner ads offering however they want.

First of all, banner ads with Topsort are auction-based which creates a better revenue stream for marketplaces. Offering banner ads with a fixed price lowers your revenue. If you are charging less, the revenue will be less. If you are charging more, the demand will be lower because running banner ads campaigns become less profitable for the vendors or brands. With auction-based ads, you'll get the true value of your ad inventory.

Secondly, you can configure your ad inventory for banner ads however you want. You can run ads on the homepage, category pages, and search result pages. On each of the pages, you want to run a banner ad, you can create a custom configuration and access. For example, you can let brands run banner ads in "waterproof hiking shoes" sub-category and only give access to the vendors who sell waterproof hiking shoes. That way, you'll keep your ad inventory valuable for vendors and relevant for users.

Thirdly, you can create different banner ads experiences for mobile and desktop. That way you can offer separate banners on your website and in your mobile apps.

Finally, the approval workflows. With Topsort, you can create custom review flows. For example, you can auto-approve Coca-Cola's banners because they always create high-quality banners that fit your platform while manually checking the creatives of smaller brands. Our built-in CRM lets you communicate with your vendors by leaving feedback for rejected banners.

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