Banner ads primarily drive brand awareness with exclusive banner placements across high-traffic category pages. Typically eye-catching, bright and welcoming to the customer, banner ads generate click-throughs for brands and vendors.

When a customer clicks a banner ad, they can be taken to a particular product, promotion or brand page.

Here's an idea of what banner ads can look like:

Sponsored banners work in the same way sponsored listings work. The marketplace creates ad slots on the homepage, category pages, or search result pages where banners can show up. You can create multiple configurations with different dimensions, ratios, and other specifications.

Brands and vendors create and submit their banners while creating banner ads campaigns. Marketplaces can automate the approval process for the banner ads or do manual check! Approved banners will be eligible to enter the auctions for the categories, keywords, or pages they are given access to.

Whenever a user visits a page with banner ad slots, all vendors and brands that want to advertise on that page enter an auction. The winner's banner shows up in the designated spot.

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