Sponsored Listings are an advertising solution that promotes the products or services that you sell in prime listing placements on relevant, keyword-targeted pages and website categories.

Sponsored Listings can also be called Sponsored Products, Promoted Products or Promoted Listings.

They often appear on search results pages or under categories. Sponsored Listings allow the customer to have a more positive user experience, seeing only relevant ads in a non-intrusive manner.

Marketplaces determine the slots where sponsored listings can appear on. It's a common practice to see them on top of the search results, but you might also see them mid or bottom of the page as well.

Here's an example of Amazon's promoted listings:

Sponsored ads are a great way to advertise because the customers who see your ad are actually interested in the products. In the example above, the customer searched for "lipstick", and the ads they see are extremely relevant, these are products the customer wants.

Because of their relevance, sponsored listing ads offer a high ROAS (return on ad spend) due to the high number of impressions.

In sponsored listings campaigns, your product enters the auction every time a user searches for your product. The result of the auctions determines the position your product shows up in the search results as a sponsored listing.

We work on a cost-per-click model which helps to level the playing field between the huge international vendors and small business vendors. That means you'll only be charged when a user clicks on your sponsored listing.

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