Autobidding gets you not only a simple advertising experience, but great results as well.

  1. Lowers the barrier of entry for advertisers
    Autobidding removes complication, encouraging advertisers to experiment, which leads to an increase in the number of bidders and their total budgets.

  2. Manage more products per campaign
    Autobidding removes the need to set individual bids for each product. This leads to a higher overall spend, higher ad coverage, and higher demand for ads.

  3. Better advertising returns
    Bid prices optimized to current market trends guarantee better returns. Better returns encourage advertisers to increase ad spend and bring in budgets from other, less effective platforms.

  4. Higher ad revenue
    Autobidding leads to more effective spend from available budgets (as long as ROAS are satisfactory). This leads to higher ad revenues even holding budgets constant.

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