How do native ads benefit my marketplace?

Running native ads provides an immediate increase in revenues and profits for your marketplace. The ads showcase products that are relevant to the customer, thus are very effective. This engagement increases the willingness to pay to promote products from vendors and brands. Unlike third-party ads, sponsored listings, banner ads and video ads will keep your customers on your site, extending the customer journey, often fostering a greater customer lifetime value.

Brands and vendors are willing to pay to gain the advantage of being in a prominent position. Implementing native ads on your platform can create a strategic competitive advantage. If you derive meaningful revenue from retail media, and your competitor does not, you can lower your commissions or prices and eat into their market share whilst remaining profitable. If they have retail media and you do not, that puts your marketplace at a strategic disadvantage.

How do native ads benefit vendors?

Native ads increase product visibility, increasing sales by displaying relevant ads to interested customers. A vendor promotion will appear across prime page locations, increasing impressions. There is no fixed fee, they will only pay a cost-per-click value of the ad. Sponsored Listings can be especially effective with new offers, clearance items, and low glance items.

How do native ads benefit customers?

Ads powered by Topsort are relevant to what customers are searching for. Sponsored listings and banner ads drive engagement and help customers to discover new products.

If your marketplace can derive meaningful revenue from sponsored listings, eventually, you can lower your commissions and fees which can provide lower prices to customers.

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