Creating your first campaign is simple. Open the dashboard and click the green “create campaign” at the top right side of the dashboard. Then, a drop-down menu of different types of ads will appear. Not all sites offer all types of ads.

Scroll down to see how to create a sponsored listing and banner ad campaign.

Creating a Sponsored Listing campaign:

Step 1: Pick your products: Here you can select your products by name or category. You can add as many products as you would like.

Step 2: Bidding: Here you must set a “maximum bid per click” for each product in the campaign. There are a few options for this:

  • Autobidding with "Adjust my bids for me". Our systems will take your daily budget and optimally enter you into auctions where you'll see the best result

  • Suggested bids: We provide a “suggested bid” based on the overall competition and history. But these are just suggestions and you should optimize based on your unit economics and the willingness to pay for additional product page visits. If unsure, we highly suggest autobidding.

  • Finally, you could bid manually, based on your unit economics and the willingness to pay for additional product page visits.

Step 3: Launch: To finish your campaign, add a campaign name; this will only be visible to you. You now must set a maximum daily budget. This number will determine how many clicks through to your Sponsored Listing you would like. For example, if your bid is $5 per click and your daily budget is $100, your campaign will be live for a maximum of 20 clicks. We’ll spread your budget out throughout the day, this is called pacing. Depending on page traffic and the number of auctions your campaign is winning, you may not need all your budget, this is fine as you will only be charged per click on your Sponsored Listing. If you selected auto-bidding previously, then we'll take your daily budget and enter you into advertising auctions optimally.

Then press launch! It’s that simple, your campaign is now active! We’ll automatically target your product in the categories it belongs in to keep the marketplace relevant to customers!

Creating a Banner Ad campaign:

To create a banner ad campaign, simply:

  1. Upload your media

  2. Set where it will appear and in what size

  3. Select your product and set your budget, duration, and any other page-specific details. Then press launch!

Depending on the marketplace's settings, your ad may be subject to the marketplace's approval before it is actively competing in ad auctions. If so, wait for the marketplace to approve your creative on their Topsort dashboard.

In the case that they reject your submission, you may receive an email with feedback about your creative or campaign details that they found issues with. You can choose to correct those issues and resubmit it as many times as you want. Once it is approved, your ad will compete in auctions and win customer impressions once it is displayed on site.

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